merch girls

The TRUE founders are AnneMarie Smith and Heather Mobley, who joined forces with Shea Garvin and Lyndsay Dawkins, founders of Totally Merch! We all share a dedication to our clients and strive to be flexible and responsive to their needs.

Our previous experience? We (collectively) have performed on Broadway, managed executive relationships for a Fortune 100 corporation, climbed Mount Whitney, designed books for punk bands, entertained at Tokyo Disney, won a PAC10 rowing championship, wrangled rattle snakes, sold Birkenstocks, performed in an 80.s rap band, mixed drinks, and danced on bars. We are moms, so multi-tasking and working with little or no sleep is second nature to us.

Our business is based on the VALUE we provide to you. That's our philosophy in a nutshell. We do what's right, talk straight, and focus on helping your business reach its goals. Your success is our objective.

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