What's TRUE about promotional products?

1. True customer interaction in an advertising media.
Unlike a billboard, website or print ad, this is advertising you can touch. Promotional products engage and entertain.

2. True flexibility for your marketing budget dollar.
Whatever you have to spend, you can make an impact. And, with low minimums and quick turn times you can take risks with new ideas.

3. True extension of your brand.
Face it, everybody uses somebody's coffee mug. Why not yours? Get your brand out in front of your customers and keep it there, day after day. Give people a great product, and they will use it.

You have choices. Why choose TRUE?

As a member of the Proforma network we are part of an industry-leading global enterprise offering you the best value in promotional and print products.

Size DOES matter.
We all know purchasing power is gained through economies of scale.  But few are in a position to be a big buyer all the time. That's where TRUE can be your most valuable partner.

It is WHO you know.
We all know if you really want the hot stuff, you need to know the right people. TRUE can hook you up. Combine our all-access network with our trademark creative support, and you'll be on the cutting edge.

You can have it BOTH ways.
We've all been told, "You get what you pay for."  Supposedly, you need to compromise on products or services when money is tight, right? We disagree.  In a tough economy, TRUE is the smart choice. And, when it comes to world-class service and support, we don't believe you can ever cut corners. We are FULL service.

Value. Creativity. Service.  It's your dream come TRUE.