Print is here to stay!

There are some pieces of business collateral that simply demand ink on paper. At TRUE we can hook you up with a print solution that matches your project with the perfect equipment, turn time, and most importantly, price per unit. Our network reaches from sea to shining sea, so no matter what the end product is or where you need it to land, we can deliver a perfect solution.

Make print go away!

There are some audiences for whom any print piece is just something to aim at the garbage can. At TRUE we work with a flexible pool of e-talent to insure you get the code and scripting you need to take advantage of paperless promotion. From e-mail marketing to an entire website, we have the tools and talent you need to get results quickly and without spending your entire first quarter marketing budget.

TRUE creative services set you apart.

Most promotional product distributors are just that -- distributors. The TRUE difference is that we are staffed with honest-to-goodness creative professionals who hear, "I want a coffee cup." and think, "Wow, over 12 square inches of imprintable surface...and it can wrap. Cool."

Every piece of artwork is personally prepared by our staff. We protect your logo to insure the product meets every branding guideline imaginable. In addition, we monitor the production of your product so you don't get surprised by unexpected results. When the business need or occasion calls for more, we have the skills and experience to customize products, design unique identities or showcase your info in a compelling and unique manner.

For many of our clients, TRUE functions as a full-service agency providing concept, copywriting, design and production of an array of print, electronic, and display media. Just ask. We usually say, "Yes! We do that too."