Big news!

We have exciting news. Over the last few months, we’ve been working on a merger and now it’s done and we can’t wait to tell you about it. True Marketing Group and Totally Merch! It’s official.

Totally Merch! has been rocking a small, stealth operation for over ten years which has been wowing clients with their responsive and intimate customer service, custom products, and aggressive pricing. But in order to keep their competitive edge, Totally Merch! needed a bigger back end: More buying power and capital resources to grow.

As a member of the Proforma network, True Marketing Group has a big back end. It’s OK, we LOVE to talk about our big back end. As the #1 promotional supplier in USA (Promo Marketing Magazine), Proforma has…

> Industry-leading pricing with suppliers
> East-to-West freight programs (2 or 3 days at ground rates)
> Exclusive vendor offers
> Multimedia products, not available to other promo distributors

And the best part is our clients still get the high-touch, intimate experience that only the most highly-experienced “merch girls” can provide. Did you think the best couldn’t get better? Think again.