Last Comic Standing

This project started with an email from our client at NBC Affiliate Marketing. She asked if it might be possible to make a desktop version of the microphone in the “Last Comic Standing” logo. Maybe 6″ high? Due date was under two months away.

Step One: Validate the viability and budget

First, have a long conversation with a trusted supplier that specializes in cast metal products. Describe the product, required packaging. Do-able? In the amount of time available? How fast do we need to close? That fast?? OK. We sketched out enough of the the basic specs on the first phone call to generate a request for quote.

Step Two: Present the concept and close asap

While waiting for the quote, we gathered up the assets needed to create a quick mock up, and ultimately, final production. This included multiple images (front, back, if possible) of a vintage Shure microphone head to provide guidance for the mini 3-d mike. The stand could be simple. Client provided a hi-res file of the show logo. When the pricing came back, it looked very promising. By this time, we had also developed a concept for the packaging. We created a quick mock-up, presented that with pricing to the client, and quickly received the go-ahead to proceed.

Step Three: Final art and production management

Our production manager expanded the “vision” into final production art for the factory. Paperwork was exchanged all around and we were off to production. We would not have time for a physical proof, which is always preferred for custom, but sometimes you just don’t have that luxury. In this case, everything would need to be approved from factory photos only.

Step Four: Fingers Crossed

At some point, everything that can be done to insure the success of a project HAS been done, and all you can do it wait for delivery. If everything lines up just right, you end up with a really memorable and unique product.

Step Five: Success!