Recent entertainment promo

Heathens Zippo.
A wrap gift for cast and crew of ‘Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll’, Denis Leary’s new series on FX. The detailed laser engraving reveals brass metal underneath the matte black powder coat. Very rock and roll. If you received this, you’d keep it.

Blacklist Keytags.
“The Blacklist” on NBC was moving to a new day and time, so we created a custom key tag featuring the iconic fedora. Laser engraving the new airtime allowed us to run different variations without additional mold fees or minimums for each timezone.

The Slap Rubik’s Cube.
Each episode of this miniseries on NBC is told from the perspective of a different character. Over 8 weeks, secrets are revealed and the puzzle comes together…. Or, does it just get confused?

¿Quién mató a Patricia Soler? Diamond Mints.
These were given out as favors at a murder mystery dinner party with a “jewel heist” theme, promoting this Mundo Fox Spanish-language telenovela.