SxSW 2014


Yeee-haaw! We sent quite a few products to Austin this season, but our super-funtime award goes to CITRIX and their fully-immersive GoToMeeting marketing. There was the HackShack: Download the app, get a free lunch featuring branded grill cheese, drawable napkins, and market umbrellas. And the Hackathon with t-shirts and the coveted “Hack Plaque” for the […]

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Rainy Dreamforce


The weather was threatening just before the 2013 Dreamforce event in San Francisco. A text came in on Sunday from our client at CITRIX, “Can we order 1000 umbrellas or 2500 ponchos by Tuesday in hands?” Well, sure. Why not? First thing the next morning, we found one of our preferred vendor partners who could […]

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Amy’s Notebooks made from box over-runs

Amy's Notebook

Amy’s Kitchen contacted us with a challenge: as a very green company, they wanted to find a way to use 5,000 box over-runs. After a brainstorming session we all agreed on re-purposing the excess boxes as notebooks filled with recycled paper. The box covers cut down into beautiful covers for notebooks that Amy’s Kitchen gives […]

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The Voice Chair – an NBC collectible

The Voice Chair

NBC wanted something original and one of a kind for one of their top rated shows, The Voice. We created a chair that is a replica of the judges’ chair on The Voice. But there’s more – it sings, it spins! The chair’s sound – motion activated system plays The Voice theme song when spun. […]

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Big news!

We have exciting news. Over the last few months, we’ve been working on a merger and now it’s done and we can’t wait to tell you about it. True Marketing Group and Totally Merch! It’s official. Totally Merch! has been rocking a small, stealth operation for over ten years which has been wowing clients with […]

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Decorating with direct digital print

Digitally printed fabric patch

We were contacted by the folks at The Moxie Institute with regard to Tiffany Shlain’s newest project, “The Future Starts Here”, a mini-series on AOL-on. They wanted a jacket for their team and supporters, the decoration needed to be a full-color imprint to accommodate the film’s brand, and they wanted it to appear quite small […]

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Three low-cost tech items = one great giveaway!

Great Giveaway

GoGrid is a cloud infrastructure service, located in San Francisco. They have a tradition of holding all-employee quarterly kick-off meetings at which they enjoy giving away some sort of branded item. Budget is usually pretty tight, we want to find something useful, and also like it to be packaged in some way. For Q4, we […]

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Just a little something on the side.

Sleeve design for the Restless Blues Band.

Heather’s talented cousin, Denise Fraser, is a much-in-demand musician down in LA. One of her favorite gigs is with the Restless Blues Band. They were looking for some help putting together the art for their CD cover, so we jumped in. Working with the delightful Aynee Osborn, we had it complete in about a week. […]

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Connected, the film box

Box made of recycled board, with a 5-color screened decoration.

A recent KQED fundraising evening was devoted to the televisision premiere of Tiffany Shlain’s film, “Connected: An Autobogography about Love, Death and Technology.” At every fundraising break, we got to admire the limited edition “Home Discusssion Kit”, a packaging project which took us nearly two years to complete. One of Tiffany’s previous projects, “The Tribe”, […]

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E3 game-o-rama

Winners get to display the signs.

T-shirts, buttons and signs for CBS Interactive/Gamespot at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. E3 is the annual video game conference and show at the Los Angeles Convention center. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we get surprised by results. In this case, the T-shirts were our challenge. In an effort to balance the art size on the girlie […]

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